Announcements – Mar 15, 2020

Dear Siblings in Christ
Here is a link to a worship service at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. May it inspire and bring comfort.

For Christian M. (Marines) and all service personnel.

For the friends and family of Barry Sherman (Gary’s brother) and Paul Sheaffer (Ruth’s brother) who recently died.

For those in our congregation who are ill or recovering from illness this week, their friends, and the loved ones who care for them,

Don and Joanne, Jacques, Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Paula, Pat, Judy, Seth, Paula, Samara Lee, Marge, Margaret, the Branawell family, the Valezquez family, and all who ask the Lord’s healing and mercy.
Christ’s Peace,
Vicar Tom
“We are StMatthias Evangelical Lutheran Church. We are loved by God. We are family of God. We are caring for the world so that all will know Christ’s peace. We come from a diversity of traditions. We embrace all races, all abilities, all socioeconomic statuses, all sexual orientations and gender identities as expressions of God’s great diversity in this world. We encourage questions. Together we seek God’s guidance. We welcome you to the family of God.”
Welcome Statement adopted by the congregation June 30, 2019 
An evangelical catholic Reconciling in Christ congregation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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