Update June 8, 2022

Hello from downtown Carlisle. The rain was great yesterday! I have a rug on the back roof/patio, intentionally so that it can get some water through it. It looks much better, and should hopefully smell a bit less feline as well. I love my boys, really I do.

Worship Schedule for the rest of June, 2022:
June 12 : I have been asked by the membership of St Stephen to return once more and preach for them. This request came with the provision that it had to happen before Rev. Matthew Best, my supervisor, went on vacation on June 13. So, on June 12 I will be preaching at St Stephen in New Kingstown. The St Matthias worship will be led by my classmate Cody Danner, ULS Class of 2022. He and I have reviewed the liturgy for Sunday and I have full faith in his service to this congregation. Presiding as musician will be Marleen Steele.
June 19 : I will be back at St Matthias. June 19 is my last sermon. The Gospel text is about the Gerasene Demoniac; Luke 8:26-39. A number of ways to approach this text. I haven’t decided what I will finally do with this text. Spirit and I need to give that some time.
June 26 : The 3rd Anniversary of St Matthias’ vote to become a Reconciling in Christ congregation. Rev Carla Christopher Wilson will be the guest preacher that day. I will preside. That day is also my last day serving as worship leader, the service will include a Farewell and Godspeed.

Prayer List : We pray for the church, that we continue to examine ourselves and work toward greater understanding of what we believe and who we truly welcome. May this discernment lead to an increase in an ending of those things that keep us from God and new life in the vocation and declaration of God in this world. We pray for Christian, all military personnel and first responders. We pray for an end to gun violence. we lift before God : Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Bill, Seth, DJ, Margaret, George, Arleen, Greg, Ruth, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Tim and Lisa.

We pray for seminarians in any stage of their education and vocation. We pray for those working as hospital chaplains as they do their Clinical Pastoral Experience. May they learn to be aware of the presence of God in the room as they work with patients. We also raise to God those students now looking for their first calls. Bring the Spirit into those conversations that the need of the Church and the call of those seeking calls may be seen. All these things and whatever is in our hearts we raise to God, trusting in God’s love and mercy. AMEN.

Be well, people of GOD.

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