Update, May 19, 2022

Hello! Traveling to Williamsburg was great last week. Thanks for Rev. Eric Anderson for covering the service on Sunday. I am back this Sunday, May 22. We’ll look at the Acts lesson and being called to proclaim the Gospel. Which seems appropriate because…

Friday May 20, 2022, (tomorrow!) is ULS Graduation! If you watch the Coffee with the Vicar I just recorded I think I have the date wrong, but the idea is the same. All of us, with all of our degrees, graduate tomorrow. The event will be broadcast on the United Lutheran Seminary YouTube page. If I was better at this technology stuff I could post the link. But, if you log into YouTube and then go to United Lutheran Seminary, it will be there. Tonight’s Farewell and Godspeed will also be broadcast.

Please plan to stay for a quick congregational meeting Sunday May 22, after service. We will vote on a painting bid. The amount is more than the council can approve on its own. This work is good stewardship of the building. The meeting will take as long as it takes to discuss and vote on . Please plan to attend.

Prayer requests: We pray for all students as they graduate and enter the world for which they have been preparing, even if they have no idea what that world is. We pray for all educators that their work may be appreciated and valued. We lift up Christian, and all military personnel and first responders. We pray for fair weather for those who work in fields, gardens, and orchards. We pray for those parts of the West experiencing forest fires. We lift up Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth, DJ, Margaret, George, Arleen, Greg, Ruth, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Tim and Lisa, Scott and Karla. All these and the names known only to God we raise to God, confident in Their grace and mercy. Be well, people of God. See you Sunday.

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