Update April 27, 2022

Hello, from lovely downtown Carlisle. Crispin is trying to get my attention, but he needs to learn that I have things to do. Since COVID led to all of the classes online, they got used to my being home all the time. Anyway; that’s neither here nor there. Sorry for skipping last week. The week after Holy Week was the week of my Approval Panel with Rocky Mountain Synod. That went very well. I now wait for them to schedule a full Candidacy Committee ZOOM, so that they can respond. ULS has invited those of us graduating to return to campus through August so that we can look for a call and not worry about housing. To my knowledge none of have been placed yet.

Congregational Meeting is coming up! On May 8th 2022, after service, we will be having another meeting to continue the conversation we started in February. Look for an email from Rosa Rangel, which will contain questions to ponder beforehand, These questions were shared from Rev. Eric Anderson. We are a church of Reformation and Resurrection. A church of Life, Death, and New Life. Of ”So, now what?” Please come to the meeting on May 8 and share your ideas, and listen to your faith family. And listen for God.

Looking ahead! I will be taking some time off in the near future. Such as this week. April 28 I fly home to a wedding and return May 2. May 12 I will be traveling to do historical touristy stuff, likely Williamsburg. Rev. Eric Anderson will be providing pulpit coverage in May 1 and May 15. Thank you, Pastor Eric! ULS Graduation is May 20. ULS Farewell and Godspeed will be the previous evening, May 19; both in-person and online. I will post links to both online broadcasts. On June 26 we will have Rev. Carla Christopher Wilson in the pulpit, as St Matthias celebrates Pride Month as well as RIC. That will also be my Farewell and Godspeed observance. I have heard rumors of cake. Stay tuned.

Prayer List: Christian and all those who serve in the military and all first responders. We pray for all students and educators as the school year draws near to the end. We ask special prayers for all those who will be looking for employment to go with those bright shiny new degrees. in addition, we lift to God: Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth, DJ, Margaret, George, Arleen, Greg, Ruth, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Tim and Lisa. We pray for good weather to prepare ground for planting. All of these things, and whatever is needed, we lift to God trusting in Their wisdom and love. Be well, Children of God.

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