Update March 29 2022

Greetings , Beloveds! One more update for the month of March. I don’t remember how March came in, but it is going out cold. Does that make it going out like a penguin? We didn’t discuss that in seminary. Regardless I hope you are well and warm.

Midweek Lenten Services continue this week and next. We meet in the church at 7 pm, for a Service of Night Prayer, using the Compline Service in the Cranberry Book. It’s a service of prayers, readings, a homily. Join us the next two Wednesdays, March 30 and April 6, at 7 pm.

Tapology, Sunday April 3. This can serve as a reminder that April starts on Friday of this week. No fooling, really it does. Tapology is a casual evening of Food, Faith, and and Discussion held at Desparate Times Brewing in Carlisle. Matthew Best , the pastor at St Stephen in New Kingstown, leads this evening. We meet at 5 pm, for about 2 hours. No set expectations, we go where Spirit leads us. We hope to see you Sunday!

Vicar’s News March was a busy month for me. By the 24th of March I had passed the final evaluations by the Internship Committee at St Matthias as well as from Rev Matthew Best. Rocky Mountain Bishop Jim Gonia and I had a Zoom conversation discussing potential placement for my first call. And last week the ULS Faculty Approval Panel met with me, and are proposing to the ULS Full Faculty that I be given their Approval when they meet April 11 . All of that happened between March 8 and March 24. April 4 I have a phone conversation about first call , and the Rocky Mountain Synod will hold a Zoom approval for me on April 19. And Holy Week happens in there too. Thank you for your support and prayers during this journey.

Prayer List : We pray for Christian, all those who serve in the military, and all First Responders. We pray for those involved in recent traffic accidents in Pennsylvania. Before God we raise Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Tim and Lisa, Casey, Ruth. We pray for teachers and students as they approach the end of the semester. And we pray for peace, everywhere. Be Well, Children of God.

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