Update, February 22. 2022

Yep for those who care it is Tuesday, the 22nd of the 2nd month of the 2022nd year. And right now it is 2:22 pm. Woo Hoo! There will not be a test later, and this is unlikely to become a sermon illustration. But this happened, and was observed. Moving on.

Congregational meeting February 27: This coming Sunday there will be a congregational meeting after the morning service. Council sent out a letter a few weeks ago. This letter states: ”Ask God what God desires for the people and mission at St Matthias. We are asking you to dream and vision into the future…Come to the meeting with your dreams, hopes, ideas, abilities and gifts – then all together we will make a plan for the future.” This meeting is for the sharing of ideas, dreams, and thoughts. Come as you are able.

Prayer List : I just remembered that one of Grandma Wagner’s favorite hymns was ”Take It To The Lord In Prayer.” It was always special to be in church with her, and I remember singing this while standing next to her. In the spirit of taking our ”trials and temptations, is there trouble anywhere…to the Lord in prayer” today we lift in prayer Christian and all those in the military, all first responders, and all teachers; all those discerning seminary and all those discerning retirement from ministry; Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth, DJ, Margaret. George, Arleen, Greg, Ruth, Joan, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Tim and Lisa. We pray for those seeking good employment and safe housing. All these things and all those known only to you God we lift to your mercy and care, AMEN.

See you Sunday, February 27, for service and congregational meeting. Be well, people of God.

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