Update February 15, 2022

Big news from the Vicarage: Draft One of my Approval Essay is done! This essay is the last document/paper I will write as a seminarian. Basically in around 5750 words I answered 10 questions about my theology, faith journey, and understanding of confessions. Most of those questions were one page; roughly 310 words. As an example : “How has your relationship with Jesus changed, deepened, or been challenged during internship?” One page for that. That’s all. I also was given 6 questions to answer about a sermon I submitted at half a page each. No more that 14 pages for these questions and a page of references as I used them in the previous writings. Finally I submitted the transcript of the sermon I gave on January 2, 2022.

Thirteen pages of short-answer essays, one page of references, and one sermon. 18 pages. What I learned in seminary in 18 pages. From here this will go to the Synod Office in Denver CO. They will share it among the candidacy panel there who will do my final approval panel, by ZOOM, on April 19. The Tuesday after Easter. Which is better than the Tuesday before Easter. My advisor at ULS will get a copy as well as his partner who will do my ULS approval sometime late March. The essay is the more intellectual of the forms I have to do. The other, the Rostered Minister Profile, is used to match leaders and churches. That one is on less of a deadline, but I’ve done most of the writing for that one as well. Thank God for my High School writing teacher Shirley Seitz. Prayers as this journey comes to an end will be greatly appreciated.

Prayer List: We lift prayers for Christian and all those in the military, first responders, and health care professionals. We pray for those who tend the land that as the days get warmer they may be planning their next crops and new year. We pray for Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth, DJ, Margaret, George, Arleen, Greg, Ruth, Joan, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Tim and Lisa. May these and all those who stand in need of prayer be raised up to you, God, and may you shine your mercy upon them. AMEN. Be well, people of God.

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