Update January 18, 2022

Just had a good rich bowl of soup, thought I’d write the updates before the food coma sets in.

Let’s do some life updates : Congratulations to Rev. Thomas Busteed! Formerly known as Vicar Thomas, Reverend Busteed announced on Facebook that he has taken a call at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Old Zionsville PA. His current call at Faith Lutheran in Whitehall PA will continue through the month of January. February Thomas will take some sabbath and time to reconnect with friends. Then, come March, Rev. Thomas starts the next page in his ministry. We wish Rev. Thomas Busteed blessings of God as he continues his work and vocation.

Baby news and prayer requests. Classmates of mine, Hillary and Evan, are awaiting the arrival of their first child, a son anytime now. Hillary’s water broke at 30 weeks, and Baby Boy decided to stay put. Last Friday was Week 32, and doctors and nurses are pleased with how everything is going. Ten more days and Baby Boy C is making an entrance into the world. Hillary will have an ultrasound this week, and then plans will start for whatever happens next. I put Hillary and Evan on the prayer list a few weeks ago; now you know the backstory. Evan is serving his internship at the church where Hillary was the intern last year. If graduation for the Class of 2022 is in person, it is possible that there will be 4 babies present. We’ll keep Evan and HIllary in our prayers, as well as Ethan and Eileen. They too are friends and classmates of mine, and also expecting their first baby. Crazy kids.

A correction : Last week in my news about Winter Fest, I misspelled the last names of friends of mine. Rev. Jay and Elizabeth Eckman were the hosts of Winter Fest, not Heckman. Eckman is the correct spelling . I apologize for the error.

Prayer Requests : We lift to God Christian, all those who service in the military, and all first responders. We give thanks to road crews for keeping roads and highways safe during this weather. We give thanks to truckers who keep food and supplies moving regardless of the weather. We lift prayers for Evan and Hillary, Ethan and Eileen, and all those building families. We give thanks for medical personal and all they do . We lift in prayer Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth, DJ, Margaret, George, Arleen, Greg, Ruth, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Tim and Lisa. For all these, and for those whose prayers are known only to God, we raise these prayers to God, trusting in thier grace and mercy.

Warmer weather is coming. Days are getting longer. Be well, people of God.

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