Update December 29, 2021

The last weekly update of 2021. Saturday marks the mid-point of my internship. It has been quite a year, and I thank God for you, and your time with me on this journey.

It has been a quieter week . The busy-ness of Advent has become a calmer time, of reflection about the Messiah who has come to save us. It has also been a good week to catch up on some naps and make soup. Bacon and potato, and black-eyed peas and corn bread for New Year’s Eve.

St Matthias is still having its Sock Drive through January 9, 2022. As we mentioned in church December 26, the need for socks is year-round. Feel free to bring some in whenever you feel like it, and they will be much appreciated.

Thank you for the rousing Happy Birthday on Sunday. When I got to ULS for seminary classes in 2018, I knew that I would be 56 when I graduated and that graduation would be in 2022. I’m already 56, and 2022 is only days away. that this journey is getting nearer to an end is becoming more real.

Prayer list : We lift the follow before God: Christian and all who serve in the military. Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth, DJ, Margaret, George, Arleen, Greg, Ruth, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Tim and Lisa Myers. We ask God’s comfort on the family of Charles Hoy as they mourn their loss. We also God’s comfort on Ruth Hoy as she adjusts to living at Chapel Pointe. All these names and those known only to God we lift now to God, trusting in God’s grace.

Let us pray : “O Lord, you have brought us safely through the night and into a brand new day. Defend and guide us in your grace and mercy, and grant that our day’s work may be to your glory and serve your people. All this we ask in the name of Jesus, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, now and forever, Amen.” Be well, children of God.

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