Update, December 7, 2021

Mid-week Advent Services. December 8, also known as tomorrow, is our next Mid-Week Advent service. We gather in quiet during these, and take some time in the evening to spend time out of the noise of the day. For some this may be a new idea, spending time in contemplation , but I invite you to lean into this. Every service includes a Psalm and a reading from Isaiah. This week’s Isaiah passage inspired artist Edward Hicks to paint his series of “ The Peaceable Kingdom.” Take a moment , listen to the clock tick, and let’s think about peace.

Proposed 2022 budgets are out. If you would like a hard copy of them see me at church. If you want me to send you a digital copy, contact me at : dhoth@uls.edu .

Intern Forums start December 19, after the Sunday service. The focus of my project is the history of the Indian Schools, such as the Carlisle Industrial Indian School. The information shared on the 19th will be a general overview of the project. The project is a response to information shared by the ELCA Native American/Alaskan Native Lutheran Association on Native issues. Curious what’s up with the banners on the gate posts? See you the 19th.

The prayers for Sunday include : “Holy God, renew your church and raise up leaders who announce your good news. Grant peace to congregations and seminarians in the midst of transition. Guide the work of candidacy and call committees .” I give thanks to God that you are accompanying me on this journey. I also ask prayer for friends of mine. After much discernment, one has resigned their internship and is taking a leave of absence from seminary. Another has left two internships this school year after they both have become unsafe. This is all happening while seminary professors and staffs are doing jobs that didn’t even exist two years ago. Please hold all of us in prayer.

Prayer List : we Lift in prayer Christian and all who serve in the military; all those affected by gun violence and other senseless acts of violence, those Iiving without homes, particularly as the days get colder and depression becomes more prevalent We pray for Pam, BettyLou, Mark, Pat, Seth, Margaret, DJ, George, Arleen, Greg, Charles and Ruth, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Tim and Lisa. For all these and those whose concerns are known only to God, we lift to God’s care and mercy. AMEN. Be well, people of God. .

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