Update for November 4, 2021

Sunday is The Day The Earth Gets Dark!!!!! Or, the day we turn our clocks back one hour. Which means that it will be dark by around 5 pm. Unlike Springing Forward in the Spring, if you don’t fall back you won’t be late to church. You’ll be early! Like, train engineer / Army sergeant early. So, turn your clocks back one hour on your microwave. Your digital things will take care of this on their own. See you in church, either early or on time.

This Sunday, November 7, is the observance of The Feast of All Saints. We remember that great cloud of witnesses who have gone before. Sunday’s Gospel is The Raising of Lazarus from John 11. The sermon will look at that reading, and maybe an idea from Elizabeth Johnson’s book “Ask The Beasts.” The Spirit and I have been working on this for a few days. See what we come up with this Sunday.

Also Sunday November 7…..Tapology returns to Desperate Times Brewery at 5 pm. Stop by for a pint or a meal, and meet local people and talk about the issues that are on your mind. The conversation is lively and respectful. We’ll be inside. 5 pm, see you there.

My apologies for geting this to you late this week. The iPro that I bought to write my seminary entrance essay, September 2017, is going into retirement. Yesterday I went shopping for its replacement. Today the letters that didn’t work for three days now work fine. Not the first time this has happened. It is time. Services will be private.

And finally, prayer requests for this week. We give thanks to God for the upcoming ordination of Margaret Foelkemer to the Ministry of Word and Service on November 14! Additionally we lift her husband Matt Leonard as he sits for his approval interviews soon. May God bless them both in their journeys to ministry.

We pray for Christian and all those who serve in the military. We pray for Pam Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth, DJ and Margaret. We pray also for George, Arleen, Greg, Charles and Ruth, Heather, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Irene and her family, Pr Carla Christopher Wilson, Tim and Lisa Myers. And we ask God’s guidance for Jerusalem Lutheran Church in Westminster MD, as they begin a 5-point ministry. May Spirit guide these churches in their new journey together. Sunday we will raise the names of the saints who have left within the last year. Please write down their names and hand them to me before the service. All these things, and whatever else is know to God, we lift to God, trusting in Their grace and Mercy. AMEN. Be well.

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