Update October 27, 2021

Greetings on a crisp fall day. The wool socks came out of the drawer today. Both cats have found warm places to curl up for naps. Fall is here. We’ve seen it headed our way for a while. Leaves have been turning; beans and corn have been harvested in the fields. Roadside stands of pumpkins are out there. Time to find those sweaters.

Thank you to all who brought in produce for Harvest Home on Sunday October 24. It was great to see the gifts of abundance on and near the altar. Those gifts were taken to Project Share.

This Sunday is Reformation Day. The sermon will look at Psalm 42 as a guide through these times, which includes reforming how the church ministers . Minister is also a verb, not just a noun.

But wait! It’s a busy time of the calendar. Sunday November 7 is The Feast of All Saints. There is a moment built into the prayers of the church for the lifting up of the saints. We will be taking a moment to say those names in our hearts or with our voices. If there are names you’d like me to say, write them on a slip of paper and hand them to me.

St Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral in Harrisburg is hosting an exhibit called : “De-Colonizing Christ” in its RiverFront Gallery. This show opened in September and runs on Sundays, noon til 3 pm, until December 20. The theme of this exhibit is the visual examination of Christ through diverse lenses. I attended the opening. Very good work in a broad range of media. The exhibit is free. For more information see : StStep.Org/Riverfront-Gallery. As mentioned, the exhibit closes December 20, 2021.

Prayer List : Praise Report ! United Lutheran Seminarians Joshua Pontius and Andrew Berdahl both received calls recently! These calls will lead to their ordinations as Ministers of Word and Sacrament. Joshua and Andrew graduated in the Class of 2021. May The Trinity bless them on this journey. Our siblings at Jerusalem Lutheran, located in Westminster MD, have recently joined with 4 other churches to form a new parish. It was my joy to serve Jerusalem as a pulpit supply preacher while on the Gettysburg Campus. Prayers to that new parish as they grow into this new life together. In addition to these, we lift before God: Christian and all serving in the military. We ask for prayer for Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth, DJ, Margaret, George, Arleen, Greg, Charles and Ruth, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Irene, Tim and Lisa, Rev. Carla Christopher Wilson, and all those we keep in our hearts. As the weather grows cold we ask God’s mercy on all those looking for a warm place to live. We also ask God’s strength to all those who advocate for the homeless. All these things and whatever else is known to God we lay at God’s feet, trusting in Their grace and mercy. AMEN. Be well, Children of God.

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