Update for October 19. 2021

Welcome to another cooler Fall day. Maybe the change of seasons is going to stick around. We’re all looking for our sweaters and warmer jackets by now. I got out my crock pot and chunked up the last of Kathy Gold’s tomatoes with a few peppers. Everything is cooking on low. No idea what I’ll do once I get these stewed, but it will likely veer toward hearty. It’s soup weather, let’s make soup. Stay inside, grab a book. Watch the leaves change color.

ULS Inauguration : The last portion of this series of events was a concert in The Chapel of The Abiding Presence at the Gettysburg Campus. This concert was held this past Sunday, October 17. It was great to be back in that sacred space . I hadn’t heard anyone sing in that place for a while, nor had I sung in there since last spring. This series of events also gave the ULS Community the opportunity to catch up with each other. The day was a blessing to the soul.

Harvest Home Day : This upcoming Sunday, October 24, Is Harvest Home. Those who wish can bring fresh produce to church. This will be placed on the altar during the service, as a sign of God’s abundance. Following the service that same produce will be gathered up before it is donated to those who can use it. Fresh produce is rare among food pantries, so this will be a special gift. As we are blessed let us be a blessing.

Where’s The Vicar? As mentioned previously I am working from home. Which if you don’t know is an apartment in downtown Carlisle, across from the American Legion hall. If you need to get ahold of me call the church number (717-245-2475) and that will roll over to my phone. In an urgent situation call me directly : 720-855-8878. Messages can be left on that number easier than at the other.

Wednesday October 20 I will be back on the Gettysburg campus. The annual Luther colloquy, a series of lectures, will be held that day. This will be a great day of learning. Wednesday also will include President Erwin presiding at communion. In addition to the colloquy Wednesday is usually the beginning of the Book Sale. Not held since 2019 the book sale includes books removed from the collection, or books donated to the Seminary. Book shelf space is finite. I worked in the library last spring, and processed a few donations from former pastors. There are some good books in there.

Prayer List : We lift the following concerns before God, trusting in God’s mercy and grace. We lift Christian and all those serving in the military. We pray for all front line workers as they serve in these trying times. As the growing season draws to a close we pray that those who work in fields, gardens, and orchards may have bountiful harvests and be able to support themselves from their work. We raise before God these names known to us: Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth, DJ, Margaret, George, Arleen, Greg, Charles and Ruth, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Irene, Rev. Carla Christopher Wilson. All these known to us as well as all those whose names are to The Spirit we lift before God, trusting in Their grace and mercy. AMEN. Stay warm, grab a book, be well.

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