Update, October 5 2021

Greetings on an overcast day. With days getting shorter and a bit damp, I get a bit introspective. This seems a good time to make a Crock pot of soup, maybe snuggle with the cats. Whatever things you do to enjoy these days I hope you are able to do them. The faires and street events are widing down for the fall, but there are still a few yet happening. For example…

Blessing of the Animals!!!! On Sunday October 10, St Stephen’s Lutheran will be joined by its next door neighbor Trinity Methodist and they will host a joint Blessing of the Animals. This is a great way to get to know the folks in New Kingstown as we continue discerning how we can join in ministry. I will be assisting, if only so I can get some hugs from puppies and dogs. At these events I have seen police horses blessed as well as pet chickens. All God’s critters got a place in the choir, or the church parking lot, so bring the beasts on by. The Blessing of the Animals will take place on Sunday October 10, at the lawn between St Stephen Lutheran Church and Trinity Methodist Church. The basic address is 30 Main Street, New Kingstown PA, and the service and blessings start at 2 pm. Hope to see you and the critters there!

Quilt Fest. The quilting continues on Saturdays. From 10 am til 3 pm join as you are able and put the finishing touches on 10 quilts being made for the Homeless Memorial Blanket Project. A larger understanding of the project can be found by going to the Homeless Memorial Blanket Project Facebook page. Once completed these quilts will be blessed during a service before being take to the larger installation. Thanks to all who have taken part so far. Special thanks to Sr. Davia for her leadership.

Where’s The Vicar? I am working from home. If you need to reach me please call the church number : 717-245-2475. That number will roll over to my cell. If I can’t take your call, please leave a message. And don’t be surprised when you receive a call from a Colorado number (720 area code) in return.

Stewards Sought : Volunteers are sought to help keep the office and the kitchen in order, as well as help with the set-up of the altar. For the office and kitchen the time commitment is to check once a month that the list of requested supplies is truly present. Should supplies be needed, that steward would then purchase those items and hand in a receipt for reimbursement. For altar set-up, that can be discussed with Vicar David and designed to fit your availability. Please contact Vicar if you have any questions or if you can take on one of these ministries. Thank you.

Prayer Requests : As days get shorter I tend to get introspective. If that describes you, take this time to go inward with your prayer life. Maybe this is the time to find a new voice, and hear what they say. Let us Pray: O God, we lift before you: Christian and all those in the military. Bless their lives and their service. All those who work in gardens, fields and orchards, that their harvests may be bountiful. Be with students and educators as they continue to learn in these times. We lift before you, O God, Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth, DJ, Margaret, Sally, George, Arleen, Greg, Charles and Ruth, Pat, Darryl, Billie, Dav, Tim and Lisa, Rev. Carla Christoper Wilson. We rejoice in the recent ordination of Rev. MJ. Irvin-Stellebotte!!! May you guide her in her journey of ministering to your people through your word. We lift up St Stephen and Rev. Matthew Best. As we begin the conversation about working together on ministries, may we listen to each other as we listen to you. This conversation, like so many others, is only beginning. Give us the patience we need, and so often lack, to be good stewards of your work and your creation. All this and whatever is on our minds, we bring to you trusting in your mercy. And God’s people said : AMEN.

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