Update August 24, 2021

I did indeed see armor at the Pennsylvania Ren Faire on Sunday! Even though there was a heavy drizzle most of the day, the joust at the end of the day went on as scheduled. The concern with rain is the safety of the horses and riders. I’ll be frank, I’m more concerned for the horses. Be that as it may, is was a great joust. Good triumphed over evil, so all is right in the world. And as much as I could talk about the joust and other fight demos I saw ( and they were all quite good ) what I really saw and needed to see was something less bombastic, but equally as powerful.

Those who work at Rennaisance Faires, or those who spend large amount of time attending them, become a community. Rennies is the term. In a similar vein Star Trek fans are Trekkies. When I would go to Colorado’s Ren Faire, I would recognize cast members and they would recognize me. A knod, a smile. Sunday I had someone ask me if I worked at the Faire. I smiled and said no. I get that question often, at different events. And it is not uncommon for me to make friends at Faire. By virtue of walking through the gate you’re part of that community. Even if only for a few hours.

The day ended with a Pub Sing on the main stage. This year’s cast is well-rehearsed, and their shows will only get better over time. The energy in that last performance, the joy. It was what I needed, sitting there in a light rain. It was the perfect way to end a day of building more friendships, building a bigger sense of community. Even if I only know people by sight, even if we only see each other for a few minutes total in the year. That coming together, in community, is amazing. Reuniting after a long year, a hard year, apart. Smiling, singing, with joy bouncing off every surface. May you find that sense of wonder and community wherever you are.

Homeless Memorial Blanket Project As has been mentioned recently St Matthias is participating in this venture. For information on the event itself please view the Facebook page as listed above. There you will find all kinds of information, including the many ways that anyone can participate. It is my goal to give enough information about this event, but not too much. I firmly believe that volunteers can feel fatigue over being asked to do stuff. I respect that. Sr Davia will have more information during service announcements.

Prayer Requests. We see the changing of the year as leaves already begin to turn. We ask for good harvests for all those who farm and garden. We ask for relief from fires in the West and floods and rain in the East. We ask that generosity and hospitality be shown to refugees coming from all countries, expecially those coming from Afghanistan. May peace come to that region, so long an unpeacful place. We lift in prayer: Christian and all those who serve in the military; Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth; DJ, Margaret, Sally, George, Arleen, Greg, Charles, Carol, Darryl, Billie, Dave, John, Wayne and family; Troy, Tim and Lisa, and all those whose names and circumstances are known to God. We raise these names to Godm confident in God’s mercy and grace. Be well, children of God.

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