Update for August 17, 2021

God’s Massage Table

A few nights ago I had a dream about getting a massage. And since I haven’t had a good massage in over 2 years, that part didn’t surprise me. But what did surprise me, and the reason I woke up chuckling, is that this massage was from God. I was lying on a table and God put His hands on my shoulders. He then said :” Take a deep breath. “ And that’s when i woke up, chuckling to myself. Because that’s what I’m told to do right before a massage therapist cracks my back. Starting at the shoulders and working down they’ll press down my spine, and put everything back where it belongs. And the verb “crack” is accurate. I have heard things pop as they get back where they belong. That’s a bit disconcerting, but it feels great when it’s done.

And maybe that’s why I woke up chuckling. Because the idea of God standing at my shoulders about to put everything back where it belongs sounds pretty wonderful right about now. So whatever things could be “popped back into place” for you, I hope God puts hands on your shoulders and asks to you take a deep breath.

Address Update Ive been updating the membership lists recently. It was suggested to me that I should extend that work to this newsletter. If you no longer wish to receive this, please reach out to me at : dhoth@uls.edu. I can then remove you from this list. The formatting of this communication is still a bit new to me so it may take a bit. Thank you for your patience.

Homeless Memorial Blanket Project This project was brought to our attention by Sr Davia as a ministry opportunity. After joining their Facebook page, as listed above, it seems to that they want knit and crocheted blankets; not sewn quilts. Those knitters or crocheters among the St. Matthias community can participate by producing blankets that are 45 inches wide by 80 inches long, (twin size) or 60 inches wide by 80 inches long (full size) . I have a gofundme link for donations that I will list in a separate update. Thank you for your consideration of this project. More information will be coming with regards to other ways to participate in this event .

Prayer List We pray for peace throughout the world. This week we especially pray for the people of Afghanistan. Let peace, that seems so elusive in that region, find its way through the violence. We pray for those who work to control and eradicate COVID. We pray for teachers , staff, and students as they return to school. May they return to places of saftey and peace. We lift up: Christian and all those in the military; Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Pat, Seth, DJ, Margaret, Sally, George, Arleen, Charles, Carol, Darryl, Billie, Dave, Wayne and family, Troy, Tim and Lisa, and the Hurley family. God of mercy and love we lift these and all those known only to you, trusting in your mercy and care. AMEN.

Be well, children of God.

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