Quilt project for event on Dec. 21

As Sr. Davia mentioned in Sunday worship on August 1, St Matthias has an opportunity to serve those among us who need a bit of warmth. The event itself will be in the square near the Courthouse in Carlisle on December 21, 2021. That timing is fortuitous. The Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, occurs during a time when many people suffer from Winter Depression. A bit of warmth, and sign of love, can make someone’s day better. It may not cure everything, but it can help.

That said, here is what we need for this service project as far as supplies. The biggest need is twin or full-sized, flat, sheets for use as the backings of these quilts. Sheets made of a polyester blend fabric with a pattern will be easiest to wash out dirt as well as hide stains that don’t wash out. Stores are selling sheet sets right now, as students go back to college. While the project needs the flat sheets for the quilt backs, the fitted sheets and pillow cases can be re-cut and re-purposed as more fabric for the tops.

Another need is stout thread or yarn to tie the tops to the backs. Along with thread or yarn we will need needles of the correct size to get the threads through the fabrics. Any fabric store should have needles of the sizes that are nedded. The last thing that is needed is the batting for the center. Sr. Davia is looking for a source of this batting. Monetary donations will be appreciated for the purchase of this, once it is found. Thank you for your thoughts and support of this project. Giving some warmth and light to our neighbors during this dark, cold time of the year is a great example of our vocation to care for others. Peace to you.

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