In-person worship services for Mar 22, 2020 are cancelled

By now, your life has probably been completely disrupted. I know mine certainly has. I’m still resisting putting “Cancelled” in front of the many events that I had planned on attending. The Mercersburg Society held a meeting via Zoom yesterday to cancel our June 2020 convocation. As an organization we had been somewhat reluctant to use technology; and now we have found it necessary. We’re adapting. There is still theology to be made and ministry to be done and people to be prayed over, but how we go about doing this has had to change drastically this past week.
St. Matthias has been meeting for 190 years in our lovely little church just south of the mountains of Perry County. And now our space is empty, for the time being. My primary mode of communication to you has become e-mail, text messages, and phone calls. This happened quite suddenly. And it still seems foreign. But thanks be to God St. Matthias was already living into this way of being together before this pandemic. I have always been impressed with the ways you have cared for one another through phone calls, delivering soup to one another, taking one another to doctors appointments, etc. You are a congregation that taught me what “the mutual care and conversation of the brethren” looks like. And so now, more than ever, I encourage you to be that caring and loving family of God that YOU ARE.
We will not be meeting this Sunday in person. But I encourage you all to meet with one another over the weeks ahead via phone and other methods. If you are concerned about making your weekly contribution, please write a check and send it to the church.
In closing, I want to alert you to a project that I have started in response to churches not being able to meet together, called “The Virtual Worship Exchange.” My friends and I have decided to exchange videos from our congregations of musicians playing music, pastors preaching sermons, lectors reading scripture, and other worship materials. If you are interested in contributing and have the technological ability to make a short video on your phone or computer, please be in touch.
Here is a bit of Mendelssohn to brighten up your day. I recorded it with my phone last fall on our organ. It’s not a perfect recording, but it is soothing, and brings us together in our space at least virtually.

Mendelssohn Adagio from Sonata no. 1 op. 65

Played at St. Matthias Evangelical Lutheran Church, Carlisle Springs, PA

Thomas D. Busteed on organ

copyright public domain


For Christian M. (Marines) and all service personnel.

For the friends and family of Barry Sherman (Gary’s brother) and Paul Sheaffer (Ruth’s brother) who recently died.

For those in our congregation who are ill or recovering from illness this week, their friends, and the loved ones who care for them,

Don and Joanne, Jacques, Pam, Betty Lou, Mark, Paula, Pat, Judy, Seth, Paula, Samara Lee, Marge, DJ, Margaret, the Valezquez family, the Boyne family, the Hanes family and all who ask the Lord’s healing and mercy.

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